Through its constant endeavor to obtain the highest quality, POLYSEM has developed a range of protection items for veterinarians totally suited to today's requirements in terms of safety and protection. These products use polymers with mechanical and physical properties designed to meet requirements in terms of strength, flexibility and sensitivity, as required by users. POLYSEM's know-how and its wide range of products also address every particular type of use and situation. Also moved by societal and environmental responsibilities, we are equally proud to be the only company to offer a fully biodegradable/compostable full length glove (GreenGloveTM) that provides incredible tactile and strength capabilities with breathable characteristics making it hypoallergenic for a better skin comfort.



Vetorange soft glove

Strong glove manufactured with a new polyethylene film. It offers excellent tactile sensivity, perfect for...

Polytactyl mitt

Artificial insemination mitt made by Polysem for bovine inseminations. 

Sempercare latex examination glove

A very comfortable, powder or powder-free, non-sterile examination latex glove, which assures a good hold...

2 pieces all-plastic disposable syringe

2 piece disposable syringe with luer slip.